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Bam Machine is happy to quote silencer parts & production designs to other licensed manufacturers.  Scenarios might include:

  • Smaller manufacturers looking to have their own design prototyped or produced

  • Smaller manufacturers that would like to purchase silencer parts Bam Machine currently uses in the BM15, BM15 PCC, or BM10 silencer for use in assembling their own brand & models of silencers

  • Manufacturers with their own established design looking to increase production and subcontract certain parts

  • Machine Shops looking for a product to manufacturer and sell themselves by licensing a proven design under a royalty agreement.

Step 1:

Click button to upload a copy of your FFL and SOT (required if not already on file) and any drawing(s) you may have.

Upload Files

Step 2:

Wait for file name(s) to appear below "Upload Files +" button, then click "Submit Files" button.

Submission Successful!

Step 3:

Submit below form to initiate a quote.

Form Submitted Successfully!

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