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  • Silencer must be legally registered on a Form 4 or Form 1.  

  • Silencer must be user-serviceable.  Existing baffles or monocore must be removable from tube.

  • Silencer must have a rimless end cap.  If your silencer has a rimmed end cap, please request new end cap pricing. 

  • New baffles and new end caps can be over-bored to accommodate a larger caliber than the registered caliber, but cannot be bored smaller than the actual diameter of the registered caliber.

  • New baffles are made from 17-4 H900 Stainless Steel.

  • Re-cores optimized for supersonic centerfire rifle cartridges will have the end cap (and mount if applicable) set with Flexbar Rocksett unless otherwise requested.  

  • Bam Machine only makes new silencer parts and does not alter or perform machine work on existing silencer parts.  

Additional Guidelines for Form 1 Silencers:

  • ATF requires Form 1 silencers to be entirely constructed of parts made from raw materials (bar stock / tubing ) made by the Form 1 holder (or someone in their physical presence).  Form 1 silencers will not be quoted or accepted for re-core work if Bam Machine has knowledge that any type of pre-made / converted parts were used in the silencer (unless a Form 4 for transfer of those parts is provided and they have the proper ATF markings).

  • Silencer must have required ATF markings.

  • Silencer must be completed, show evidence of being fired, and meet the legal definition of silencer.  ATF does not allow Bam Machine to complete or build a Form 1 silencer that is not yet completed or built.  

  • If you have an approved Form 1 for an unbuilt silencer but do not have the means to build it yourself, it is recommend to request a cancellation and refund of the tax stamp from the ATF within the allowable time frame.  The funds from the refunded Form 1 tax stamp can then be used for a tax stamp for a custom Form 4 silencer, which Bam Machine is happy to quote by clicking HERE.

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