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Rimfire Silencer Baffles - 0.991" to 1.17" OD


IMPORTANT:  ***Silencer baffles are only for sale to licensed 07 FFL / 02 SOT's.  Please upload a copy of your FFL and SOT by clicking HERE before placing your order.  Orders placed without a license copy on file will be immediately canceled and will incur a 25% cancellation fee before remainder of balance is refunded.***


17-4 H900 Stainless Steel silencer baffles for use by licensed 07 FFL / 2 SOT's looking to assemble their own silencers or re-core existing silencers for their customers.


Ideal baffle profile for suppressing 22 LR.  Also useable with other rimfire cartridges.  


Baffle Count Recommendation:

- Recommend setting Blast Chamber (BC) length at 0.6" to 0.7" (see illustration).

- Length of available baffle space must be divisible by 0.4"

- Divide length of available baffle space by 0.4" for number of baffles needed

- Sold as a set of baffles per silencer, with baffles differing slightly at certain positions in the set (i.e., if you need 6 baffles per silencer and are building 2 silencers, order 2 quantities of 6, not 1 quantity of 12).


Necessary Information Box:

- Please provide the following information in the following format:

1) Actual Outside Diameter of Baffles (1.XXX" Format)

2) Inside Diameter of Blast Chamber shelf or spacer (X.XXX" Format)


Actual Outside Diameter of Baffles:

- Actual OD = ID of silencer tube - 0.005"


Inside Diameter of Blast Chamber (BC) shelf or spacer:

- See illustration


Maximum Bullet Diameter:

- Baffles will be over-bored appropriately for 22 LR



- This is a made-to-order custom item with a current production lead time of 14 to 45 days

- Please use the Contact Form by clicking HERE for possible discounts and possible extended lead times for orders of 10 or more groups of baffles

Rimfire Silencer Baffles - 0.991" to 1.17" OD

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