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Custom BM10 Rimfire Silencer


Use this page to purchase a custom variation of the BM10 Rimfire Silencer.



- This is a made-to-order custom item only available as a pre-order. 

- Current production lead time = 14 to 45 days / please allow additional time for Form 3 processing and shipping


- Please click HERE to request recommendations for a specific host firearm



- 800 degrees Fahrenheit

- .22 Caliber = rimfire cartridges only

- .25 Caliber = rimfire cartridges and subsonic ammunition for centerfire cartridges with powder capacity no greater than .25-20 WCF


Maximum bullet diameters:

- .22 Caliber = .223"

- .25 Caliber = .257"

- PLEASE NOTE: .22 Caliber bore is only for rimfire hosts .22 caliber and smaller.  If you plan on using centerfire subsonic ammunition in .22 caliber (powder capacity no greater than .218 Bee), select the .25 caliber bore instead to prevent baffle / end cap strikes.



Please click HERE for additional instructions and information if you are new to ordering silencers online.



Please upload a copy of your FFL & SOT by clicking HERE prior to placing your order.  Please click HERE to request possible discounts and possible extended lead times if you are interested in ordering multiple units at the same time.

Custom BM10 Rimfire Silencer

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